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Seat Availability

Welcome to the Proctoring Center Scheduler!

(For faculty use only.)

(Watch this step-by-step "how to" video!)


  1. Click the arrow buttons to your desired testing date below.
  2. Confirm available times (in green) for each seat but DO NOT click the seat link.
  3. Instead, for the seat you want, click a green block to select a starting time block. (Example: 9:30 am)
  4. Below the schedule grid, click the dropdown menu to select your duration.
  5. Click the "Submit Times" button.

To make multiple bookings for the same individual student: (watch short how-to video)

  1. Select your desired dates, times and durations.
  2. They will display below the schedule grid in a list.
  3. Once you've added all the dates you need for the student, click "Submit Times" to continue.
   Available    Your Booking    Unavailable/Padding